2010 m. vasario 25 d., ketvirtadienis

Second Look / Antras Žvilsnis

Here are two more photos from weekend:
I found this pink dress that I made more then two years ago. I wore it only once and then put it away as I thought it makes my bust look huge. Maybe not so bad after seeing it now? And besides it’s really comfortable.
I don’t even remember where I got the idea for the dress, but it’s my own design. And again no patterns were made. It’s a pity that none of my boots suits here. One more dress will have to wait for the spring.

Dar vienas savaitgalio spintos atradimas – prieš gerus porą metų siūta rausva suknelė, kurią po vieno užsidėjimo numečiau į šoną su mintimi, jog mano krutinė atrodo milžiniška. Na, gal visgi ir ne taip blogai?
Suknelė labai patogi (medžiaga su elastanu). Net nebepamenu, kur sėmiausi idėjų, bet tai absoliučiai mano kūryba. Kaip visada - jokių iškarpų nedariau. Deje, kiek bederinau, nei vieni turimi rudeniniai batai prie suknelės netinka, tad ji stoja į pavasario laukiančiųjų eilę.

7 komentarai (-ų):

Cecili rašė...

It's an incredibly pretty dress! You didn't use a pattern for it but what about the pleated detail on the bust? I would love to know how you did it! And these blue shoes are lovely!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) rašė...

Love the unexpected pop of royal blue from the shoes! cute outfit!


Elizabeth rašė...

It looks amazing on you...and the shoes go great!

Anonimiškas rašė...

Lovely dress! And I guess it would go with the dark brown boots you are waring on your photo about the colour-crisis. Add a cardigan and you have a winter-outfit.

Robyn rašė...

I love the blue and pink combo. This dress should definitely not be hiding in the back of your closet.

Rūta rašė...

Cecili - thank you! I would love to make post with full explanation “how the things were made”, but the problem is my English sewing dictionary – it’s not strong enough.
I made that front detail by doing a lot of adjustments; I couldn’t draw the exact pattern now. But basically there are 5 details: 2 rectangular about 40x30 cm, 1 small triangle 15 cm for the middle and 2 bigger spiky triangles for the sides (under armpits). One shorter side of each rectangular should be rounder and that’s were the pleats will be made made. So you pin the pleats, sew it to the middle triangle, and then try to adjust everything to you body - shape the arm areas, shoulders,and attach it to the “ordinary” parts of the dress.

Marie, Elizabeth, Robyn - thanks. I can't wait for the spring to wear those shoes and the dress.

Anonimiškas - I've tried to match the dress with my brown boots but it actually doesn't look good as the boots are quite wide and I think the dress needs something more classic. Still very nice that you love it!

EvaForeva rašė...

One of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen! It's so original and stylish!