2010 m. liepos 19 d., pirmadienis

The Heavens Opened / Dangūs griūna

  Probably every city has their “own” taggers. Only recently I started paying more attention to graffiti, especially tags in my city. When I see a name written on a wall, my eyes insensibly start looking if someone else hasn't left his name near too. And I always try to imagine what those people - taggers - are like. To me tag‘s or even graffiti itself isn‘t a beautiful thing. But the commitment to that work and the idea  how such a simple and stupid thing - putting your name without telling and asking more everywhere where you can -  becomes a strong purpose of one's life (maybe even stronger then our usual “right” goals are!)  - it really has some charm.
  I didn’t have chance to explore graffiti yesterday as it started raining just after we came to the Old town for a traditional sunday walk. I made a few new things last week, but they are more suited for autumn, so this time just a casual outfit with clothes I bought or got some time ago. Sorry for lack of quality in photos, it was already too dark for my camera.

  Pastaruoju metu vaikščiodama po senamiestį vis dažniau dėmesį atkreipiu į grafiti. Ir net ne į„gražesniuosius“ priešinius, o tiesiog tag‘us - tuos iki gyvo kaulo vilniečiams įgrisusius Cabri, Sput, Solomon ir t.t.. Visada pamačiusi vieną tag‘ą akimis ieškau, ar šalia nėra kito. Visada bandau įsivaizduoti, kokie žmonės gali užsiimti šia veikla su tokiu atsidavimu. Ir kaip toks paprastas ir galbūt absoliučiai kvailas dalykas, kurio beveik niekas nesupras, gali gyvenime „varyti“. Kai tuo tarpu aplinkui keliami sudėtingiausi rimčiausi - teisingi - tikslai. Bet ar tikrai prasmingesni?
  Na o vakar vakare tag‘ų patyrinėti nepavyko: vos išsitraukėme fotoaparatą, užslinko debesis, užtemo dangus ir teko bėgti ieškoti pastogės. Praėjusią savaitę pasiūti daiktai (sijonas ir „beveik“ suknelė) laukia rudeniškesnio oro, tad šįkar tiesiog greitai prietemoje užfiksuotas (atleiskite už nuotraukų kokybę) lengvas kasdieninis „pirktinių“ rūbų derinukas.


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mirattes rašė...

Šauniai atrodai. Su nekantrumu laukiu naujų siuvinių pasirodymo :)

ellinelle rašė...

..wow ..
..girl , your pictures are so amazing , I am wondering which camera you use !!! those snaps are so artistic ..

..I love your cute outfit , it's great combination , loose top and tailored shorts ..love it ..

..I love Lithuania as well , it's a beautiful country , I been there few times and I wish to go there again , also it's just so close , few hours with car and I am there : )))

..have a wonderful day ..

Ellinelle xxx

ellinelle rašė...


..I hate graffitis , I was shocked how many there are in Riga , ok , maybe it's ok on some empty building places etc ..but when the town are like that - I don't know I just don't like it ..., but I must agree that some of the people are true artists and that is the real life out there ..

Ellinelle xxx

Carolyn rašė...

Very cute shorts and top! You look lovely! Graffiti is an interesting one, are they artists or criminals?? Sometimes I think a piece of graffiti can looks quite artistic and beautiful, but not always. Here in Australia, known talented graffiti artists are invited to decorate bus-stops, and I love looking at the artwork that they do on them... each one is different. Perhaps giving them a place to express themselves helps cut down on "illegal" graffiti work on private buildings too.

Rūta rašė...

Dėkui, malonu kaip visad mirattes.

Elinelle - I don't like graffiti that are painted everywhere too. And I agree with Carolyn that if there would be public places where they were allowed, maybe there wouldn't be so many "illegal" graffiti painted everywhere where they really don't look good.
On the other hand, as I was talking in my post, recently I read an idea that "grafiti is not about art, it's about fame". We look at those paintings diferenly then most people who do it. We search for beauty, judge if it's a suitable place or not. But maybe the reason why somebody is making it isn't that at all! So maybe the only beauty that is there,isn't a "material" beauty of graffiti, it's a beauty of "idea" of just doing it?
I don't say that we should change our attitude about it - no, it's anyway an illegal think that breaks proprietary rights.

Blue Note rašė...

Ruta, thanks for leaving comment on my blog - this way I found your. And I love it! Your style is amazing and I like how you mix colours

Rūta rašė...

Thanks and your welcome, Blue Note =)

Elaine rašė...

You look fabulous!! I love the shorts with the breezy top.

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Rūta rašė...

Thank you Elaine, as allways, for nice comment!