2010 m. kovo 15 d., pirmadienis

Coat and the City / Paltukas ir miestas

I took a little brake from sewing and had some great time with my friends this weekend – a night out in the club, making sushi for dinner, evening stroll in the old town. Few photos from yesterday after watching formula-1 racing in a sports bar. The coat was remodeled from Burda pattern.
Sometimes people ask me why I don’t use finished patterns more often. The problem is that proportions of my body measurements are very different from those standards. So I always need to remake/adjust patters – and this takes even more time then just to draw pattern by myself. The same happened with this coat, but I’m pretty happy with the result. Although in reality it looks cuter then in these photos.

Nors suplanuoti darbai taip ir liko planų stadijoje, bet visgi turėjau nuostabų savaitgalį. Kelios nuotraukos iš pasivaikščiojimo po formulės-1 varžybų sekmadienį. Paltukas permodeliuotas pagal Burda iškarpą.
Dažnai sulaukiu klausimu, kodėl nenaudoju „gatavų“ iškarpų. Bėda ta, jog mano kūno proporcijos labai skririasi nuo standartinių rūbų dydžiams ( labai sudėtinga mintis gavosi..), ir galų gale tas iškarpas tenka keisti tiek kad greičiau tiesiog pačiai nusibraižyti ir išsikirpti. Tas pats atsitiko ir su šiuo paltuku, bet svarbiausia jog galutiniu rezultatu esu patenkinta. Tiesa nuotraukose jis atrodo kažkaip netaip jaukiai kaip gyvai.


15 komentarai (-ų):

ellinelle rašė...

..the coat looks really cute ..I love the boots and also the green bag it's such a good detail ..

JMay rašė...

Your hair is gorgeous!

I so could not pull off that color but you do beautifully!

Carolyn rašė...

Your coat looks fantastic! And I love the touch of yellow and green in your outfit, too

Ylenia rašė...

lovely look! I like the splash of yellow and green on to the darkest shade of grey.


I'm not a regular girl rašė...

Your haircolor is wonderful! I wish I could dye my hair right now :(

lamia rašė...

I like your blog!! I'll definitely be following you!!

Anonimiškas rašė...

Thanks for your comment.
I love your outfit, everything goes so well together and really suits you.

rennes le château rašė...

These are great pictures, the coat turned out really nice. It's hard when you use a pattern and have to make adjustments, I know exactly how you feel! Love the turquoise bag too, it adds a nice pop of color to everything.

Denise rašė...

wow you're tall!
and you look so gorgeous! Am mesmerized by your stunning looks. And you have a great style.

I am Denise Katipunera

Nathalie rašė...

The coat is really wonderful and I love the mustard coloured scarf

Rūta rašė...

ellinelle, carolyn, ylenia, helen, rennes, nathalie - i wasn't planning to put that bag and scarf here, just grabed first things when going out. But it's nice that you like the look!

Jmay, I'm not a regular girl ... -my hair color is actually not that red. It looks brighter here because of the sun. But still it's a hard color and I'm still trying to make friends with it.Thank you!

denise - do I look tall? I'm not tall, maybee it's the angle.. I'm about 169 cm.

Elettra Forever rašė...

HEY, your blog is cool and you are very pretty!


Žydrė rašė...

paltukas labai labai dailus :) super, man patinka jau sis blogas:)

Rachel rašė...

cute coat.
cute blog!

the perfect pear rašė...

I absolutley love your coat! so talented. :)