2010 m. kovo 8 d., pirmadienis

Magic Mushrooms / Grybukai

We had a huge annual festivity in our town Vilnius this weekend - Casimir’s Fair ( Kaziuko mugė) - the biggest craft fair in Lithuania where you can see and buy everything from food to furniture, interior details, accessories, clothes - everything homemade!-, talk to the crafters or just feel that creative spirit and take some great ideas. So you can’t imagine how sad I was when I felt sick on Friday. I sent my boyfriend to the fair to bring my favorite cookies – I call them “magic mushrooms”. And that was my only joy this weekend.

As you probably understood, I haven’t sewn anything. But still here is an outfit from a few weeks ago when we had a brief warming (It’s minus thousands again now). I’ve been trying to make friends with my green bag.

Šiek tiek Kaziuko mugės gėrybių ir poros savaičių senumo derinukas - bandymas susidraugauti su žaliąja rankine. Siuvimo darbai kolkas, deje, nejuda dėl su eiliniu atšalimu užklupusių ligų.


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Fashion Tidbits rašė...

love that striped dress!

Anonimiškas rašė...

Nu gi gražu! Keista tave su conversais matyti ;}

Kiki rašė...

The striped dress is cute. I want to get one too but with blue stripes.
And don't even let me get started on those mushroom cookies...they look YUMMY!

Hunter rašė...

Those are strange looking cookies, very whimsical, but I would love to try one some day!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) rašė...

Love that stripped dress! Sorry you didn't get to go, at least your boyfriend brought those yummy cookies!


Giovanna ♥ rašė...

Oh this is a lovely post!
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Mlev.. rašė...

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Eyeliah rašė...

I really like those red and white stipes, cookies look so yummy!

Rūta rašė...

Thank you to all!
Those mushrooms are really very tasty, although i know they do look a bit strange =D

anonimikas - na taip, man irgi tai pakankamai didele najove, bet zadu pavasari ir dazniau ja praktikuoti =)

Giovana - I will try to join your competition, thanks! =)

Connie rašė...

I love how the colour of your tights and shoes match perfectly. Fantastic look.

The Heartbreak

francescbb@hotmail.es rašė...

WOOW Good shots!!! Magnific blog!!!