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Happy Blogger

I feel new to this blogging world and it’s so nice to read every comment someone leaves or says. I‘ve got some unexpected nominations by other bloggers and it was even bigger honor to me. I wanted to make some personal post to tell more about myself for quite a long time, so it’s a good time for this.
Thank you Carolyn from Handmade by Carolyn – a restless crafter and blogger from Australia - for nominating me for Creative Blogger Award. The rules are that when you get a nomination, you have to make a post naming 7 interesting things about yourself, thank the person who nominated you, nominee 7 other creative bloggers and inform them about nomination.

So let’s start with 7 interesting things about me:
  • I’m a huge fan of Formula-1 racing for my whole life, and Michael Schumacher is my God here.
  • I don’t have driving license as I managed to fail my driving exam 6 times. I gave up after that. I don’t think I’m a bad driver, but I’m good when you just have to make something stupid to fail serious things. 
  •  The most exciting trip during my life was summer spent in Alaska. I fell in love with this place and would love to go back here someday.
  • I have a bachelor degree in physic science and I actually had been doing real science in lab during my studies. I was working with organic semiconductors, basically exploring fluorescence properties of newly synthesized organic derivatives to find good quantum emitters for OLED. It was interesting, but it was hard. You have to study a lot and give all yourself to achieve something here. I wasn’t feeling strong enough and well that’s not were my heart was at.
  • I’m working in a big logistic company with administrational and environmental programs at the moment .That’s not were my heart is at too, but that’s were the money are =)
  • I’m allergic to tomatoes as well as pepper, eggplant and many other red/violet vegetables. I get a lot of red spots on my face when I eat more of them. Which I do sometimes as I love tomatoes…
  • My other “big” hobby is cooking. I already have a good bunch of my own original receipts (half of them with tomatoes). Dreaming to write my cook-book someday.
Happy 101 blogger award

And thanks to Renne - designer of incredibly beautiful bags and some other things – for happy blogger nomination. "The rules of the award are simple: list 10 things that make you happy and then pass along the award to 10 wonderful bloggers."

So 10 things that make me happy ( it was hard to choose only 10)
  • Sewing
  • Jumping around on 80-90’s music with my best friend
  • Playing crisscross – my friends hate it, but it’s the best game in the world!
  • Unexpected compliments
  • Making breakfast on weekend – I know, I’m a dream wife!
  • Christmas – my favorite holiday
  • Persuading people to recycle things
  • Buying shoes – it always works…
  • When my boyfriend talks nonsense’s while sleeping
  • Watching good movie at home
There are a lot of bloggers that I would like to nominate. Talents of some people are so big that somehow my Lithuanian modesty makes me feel uncomfortable with evaluating them even in a good way. As there a lot of people who already made Happy 101 post, I won’t nominate 7+10, just name 8 crafters and 2 more other bloggers- people who’s diaries I really love to read.

Gintarė - Lithuanian blogger, accesory designer and woman who has unique style;
Lisa,  who designs very interesting clothes, especially the dresses;
Little cotton dresses, who‘s sewing always looks easily feminine;
Two handbag makers: Jill  and Jenny for their beautiful handbags;
Very Praire for her ability to give edgy look;
Tallented sewers Cecili  and Meli88a;
Jurga from Lengvi Daktai, who writes about almost everything; the best Lithuanian inspirational blog in my (and not only) opinion;
Eglė from Zaidmu aikstele – food blog master, who always gives me a lot of cooking ideas and makes the most tasteful looking photos.


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Cecili rašė...

Dear Rüta, thank you for your nice comment on my dress! I'm also very honored that you cited me in your favourite blogs because you're such a talented person! Thanks :)